About Us

My motto has always been: Nothing tastes as good as chocolate!

The Chocolate Bark Company started in 1998 as Simply Chocolate, a chocolate and ice cream shop. Several years later the company became Chocolate, Nuts & More following a desire to diversify. Then, in 2008, the business was renamed The Chocolate Bark Company in response to our increasingly popular line of chocolate bark. (Yes, that’s pretty much full circle for anyone paying attention.) So, while we no longer make ice cream or offer a full selection of nuts, we proudly offer the planet’s largest selection of chocolate bark!

Our chocolate bark is best described as a big chocolate bar with something mixed in like roasted nuts or dried fruit. Most of our chocolate bark is made using just a few ingredients as we believe great tasting food can come from the simplest of ingredients – it’s the quality of the ingredients and care with which they are prepared that makes the difference.

Sweet wishes,

Kelli Kamm